February 10, 2023, 2022 - We have heaps lined up for 2023!

...and want to share some of what we'll be working on. In no particular order, here's what we're striving for:

1. Tabernacle section refresh. This has been on our list for awhile, and we finally have a somewhat efficient method to accomplish this in a way that will house the majority of useful information of each tabernacle in one photo. We've also created a new area of our warehouse exclusively for photography, which will be very helpful for many future categories of items being listed.

2. List more items in general not shown on the website. There will still be a few categories shown for reference only and not regularly updated (censers, kneelers, etc). However, other categories of items that are difficult to find yet most critical to Parishes will be getting 'more'. We may even add a new section or two depending on how our upcoming website migration goes.

3. Chalice section redo. We're going to focus only on the best of the best chalices. While we have hundreds to choose from, the majority of Seminarians and Priests reaching out to us are looking for the better ones, with nice photos and detailed information. Those chalices are of unrivaled hand-made quality that cannot be reproduced in today's standards of "cut-and-paste" reproduction. They all have a deeply meaningful and heartfelt (even if unknown) history that have fervently served Priests and Parishioners over the last 100 years or more. We'll be starting with those, and working back. While the lower-end chalices still have that long history and (for the most part) unrivaled quality of production by today's standards, we just have too many to go through initially.

4. One of the more demanding (and not so exciting) projects briefly mentioned already would be the website migration and update. While our site will look and perform the same overall, several technologies we use will be going 'legacy' and will require significant changes and updates. We''d like to make a few additions to the site in various areas, however this depends on the difficulty and time required to make the necessary changes.

Those are some of our goals this year.  Finally and most importantly throughout is Future-proofing. This is a general term, which for us means several things and affects us on deeper levels. It means making certain what we've done and what we plan to do, will be learnable and replicated. It also means maintaining a willingness and ability to incorporate new technologies or ways to reach our fellowship. The goal is to continue our mission beyond our own mortal years by those we entrust this to. Businesses or otherwise, there are sadly few talking about, learning about, finding history about, or saving the physical yet crucial history of our Church. These items didn't just serve a purpose at the time, or exist out of need, they were created for Holy reasons, governed by Canon Law, to be handled by our Clergy in service to Our Lord, enlightening and enriching all of us in the process. For all time.