November 21, 2022 - Holidays are here!

We truly appreciate your heartwarming support and kind words day after day, year after year. With the past couple years of us all living in uncharted territory, this year feels completely back to normal, what a wonderful blessing!

These months are particularly busy for us, so please be patient with us when reaching out to us for your parish needs.

I'm typically prompt with getting back to people via email quickly, however I'm human (no automated messages here!) and occasionally miss them. Feel free to remind me if you haven't seen anything back from me in a couple days. Weekend emails are typically addressed on Monday, and a warehouse run is scheduled mid-week if people need additional information, photos, etc.

We're fortunate that you, our customers, friends, and family in Christ, are with us. We pray you radiate and are comforted by Christ's peace, love, compassion and grace this holiday season and beyond.