August 4, 2022 - Always more to do!

It's been a year since I've posted tidings -- and while it's not a crucial area of our website, its good to post some updates and insights now and again.

The last year in a nutshell? Very busy. So thank you all for that -- we welcome the continued interest, compliments, well-wishes, and feedback - and are always glad to help! I also truly enjoy the photos our Priests and fellow parishioners send of items reinstated throughout their beautifying or restoration projects. It gives me great joy to see these once 'out of fashion' irreplaceable items appreciated and back in good service once again. I save each and every photo sent.

Speaking of projects, that is what our future here holds... more projects! We have some goodies lined up, and can share a bit of what's coming.

First I have quite a few new additions I'll post soon, altars, statues, lights, crucifix, and a few more -- so keep a lookout!

More importantly we've been having our son help, we *really* need his help, there's so much more we can accomplish with another helping hand. As mentioned in the prior tidings, our family business is quite niche and requires a good amount of both general and specialized knowledge in many different fields. Its challenging to assign the time to train, and overwhelming for him to learn, yet we're working through it and making great progress. Our first project is to redesign the Tabernacle area -- he'll be responsible for photographing, measuring, and making notes on each tabernacle in stock. We'll then start picking other categories of items for him to do the same so it becomes second nature. It may seem a somewhat trivial task, however we have an explicit detailed method that goes far beyond what many would expect.

Categories we'll be looking at after Tabernacles is Candlesticks, Stations of the Cross, Votive stands, Missal stands and Chairs. We'll ultimately work through every category, even though some categories like Statues are fine: we just have many additions to add to the site.

Eventually I'll show him the flow of getting those photos to the website, organizing them on the computer, and structuring throughout so our customers get the information they need in a timely manner. All just a few cogs in our wheelhouse, but it's a great start so far and I'm really glad he's taking an interest -- we'll be around for another 50 years God willing!